I hate admitting this. I hate admitting this to myself, nevermind the public. But I had quit. I quit working towards all my goals for 2010. But, they say admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

I totally went of my diet. I tried a few times, unsuccessfully, to get myself back on track, but always ended up caving.

I quit reading. Well, I quit reading so adamantly, and so quickly. I’ve been on the same book for 2 weeks, and I only manage to get through a few pages before I put it down and roll over.

I didn’t REALLY quit this blog, but it may seem like it. I just really haven’t had anything worth blogging about.

This past week, my friends son celebrated his 12th birthday, and we celebrated at Higgen’s Armory Museum. Of course, as birthdays are wan to include, pictures were taken.

As I was uploading and browsing through them, I saw… THIS:

MY GOD!! My ass alone takes up 90% of the bench, and that was NOT that small of a bench! Talk about a reality check, people.

This weight has GOT. TO. EFFIN. GO!

So, starting tomorrow morning, no more Dunkin’ Donuts stops. No more greasy burgers loaded with mayo and cheese. No more portions large enough to feed a farm full of pigs.

I WILL lose this weight. And I will NOT be brought to tears by another picture of me.

I’m gonna go eat a carrot and stfu.


1 Response to “Quitter”

  1. April 25, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Try Atkins

    It Works

    I’ve Been On That For Years

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