First off, I guess I should say WELCOME to my little hole of the internet.

Sometimes, I should really just SHUT UP, but I never do. Hence the name of my little hole known as THE BLOG.

THE BLOG went live May 1st, 2009. What’s in it? Who knows. Daily musings? Sure. Drunken ramblings? Probably. Lots of crap about music I listen to? Definitely.

In fact, that music I just mentioned? Yeah, check out the bands that currently make my world go round in the links section. Julien-K, yeah, they own me. And they know it.

So, you want to know more about me, huh? Um… sure.

My name is Pixie. No, that’s not my real name. No, I won’t tell you my real name. I’m a 20-something from Central Massachusetts. Where in Central Mass, you ask? Wow, you’re creeping me out. I’m not telling.

I’m famous-y. Yes, famous-y. Maybe I’ll explain one day, but it’s true.

What do I do for a living? Right now, nothing, and it sucks.

What is my favorite flavor of ice cream? Well, not sure why you’d wanna know that, but it’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Anything else random and slightly creepy that you want to know? Leave me a comment and I might just answer. For now, enjoy THE BLOG.

P.S. I think a theme song should play whenever I type ‘THE BLOG” **da da da daaaaa**


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