Covergirl… WORK!

For those of you who don’t know, I am a BzzAgent. BzzAgent.com is a Word-of-Mouth marketing network to try new products for free or sometimes a discount. Basically, as a BzzAgent participating in a campaign, they supply you with a new product that their client provides, and you try it, and spread the word about how you feel. Kind of like a product tester. You don’t get paid for it, but hey, you get free stuff!

I am a 5 year old on crack when it comes to cosmetics. I’ve done make-up related campaigns for BuzzAgent.com before, I signed up for the Covergirl® Blast campaign, to try out their new ShadowBlast eyeshadow and ShineBlast lipgloss. ShadowBlast  is a 2 step, 1 product eye shadow stick designed to give you that smokey eye look easily. The ShineBlast is a super shiney lipgloss with an applicator designed to contour lips better than other applicators out there. Yep, I was interested.

My package came in yesterday, and needless to say I couldn’t wait to try it out. After ripping it out of the package like a monkey trying to get at a banana, I decided I should probably take pictures of this adventure. Yes, I know I’m a dork.

I set myself up in the kitchen, which has the best lighting, but please keep in mind a) I am not a super model, b) I am not a makeup expert, and c) I am not a photographer.

Bare Faced

The first step I did was to put my usual products on to prep my face. Skin primer, foundation, and powder. Once that was done, I started on my eyes.

The steps are clearly labeled on the ShadowBlast stick, which is kinda helpful, yes, but if you know makeup at all, you could figure it out yourself. What ISN’T on the stick is the name of the colors! That always irritates me! After investigating, I found out the color I got from BzzAgent was Silver Sky, which is a light sparkly gray, with a pretty purple color.

Step one is the gray, which goes all over your lid, and up to the brow bone.

Step one: Cover entire lid, up to brow bone

While I was doing this, the gray stick BROKE! Nothing too bad, and I could still use it, but I was NOT pressing hard! If you use this, beware! After applying the gray, I used a makeup brush to just pat down the color, and blend it a bit. This product texture is really waxy and tacky, so I thought it might help keep it on if it was brushed and blended.

Step two is to use the second color, the purple, on your lash line and your crease. After I did that, I finished my eyes with some eyeliner and mascara. This is what it came out looking like.


To sum up my feelings, I’m really meh about this ShadowBlast stick. The colors are nice, but the texture is way too waxy and sticky. After a few hours of wearing it, the color had congealed in my crease, which is gross. It feels kind of heavy on the lids, and it rubs off easily. Not to mention it really doesn’t look all that “Smokey Eye” to me, which is the purpose of the product. My opinion? Stick to powder eye shadows, this stick isn’t worth the weird texture and melting tendency.

After doing up my eyes, we still have the ShineBlast lipgloss to look at. I have to say, I didn’t have my hopes up for this lipgloss after the ShadowBlast disappointed me so much.

Boy, I was wrong. First of all, this lipgloss is SO light and airy, it feels amazing on your lips. Not sticky or tacky, but very smooth. The color I got from BzzAgent was “Smolder”. A very pretty nude pink, and it really is amazing. Not to mention it has a slight watermelon-y scent, which is so cute!

I love this lipgloss, and I definitely give this one a thumbs up!

Lips and Eyes all done

Shadow Blast Eye Shadow? 1.5 of 5 stars, because I like the color combos they offer, but dislike the texture and the outcome.

ShineBlast Lip Gloss? 5 of 5 stars for its ease of use, texture, scent, and weight.

I’m gonna go play with my new lipgloss and shut up now.


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