Parenting 101: You Failed

By now I’m sure everyone has heard about the father that posted a video on his “ungrateful” teenage daughters Facebook wall, showing him scolding her and then shooting her laptop. If you haven’t seen the video, check out the boat load of crazy below:

Wow. Parenting Fail.

Now, while his daughter did seem ungrateful, I’m not surprised. Hello, you have a TEENAGER. Did she deserve punishment? Well, that isn’t really what is questionable about his method. I can’t say she should or shouldn’t have been scolded for her comments. In my opinion, yes, she should have.

What is crazy about this video is the use of a gun. Gun’s are not toys, everyone knows that. They are dangerous and serious weapons. Let me say that again. Dangerous and serious WEAPONS.

From Dictionary.com:

weap·on   [wep-uhn]
any instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting, or war, as a sword, rifle, or cannon.

In no way, shape, or form should a weapon be used to teach your kids a lesson.

What if he also has a pre-teen son in the house? His son see’s this video, and what does he learn? He learns that is is OKAY to use a gun when you are angry, and it is OKAY to use it to punish someone.

Now, lets say the boy has seen this video, and a few months down the road, Dad punishes him for something. He’s upstairs in his room, stewing with anger about being punished, and you know what? That young kid is going to remember this video, this gun. And in remembering, he could go to his parents room, get that gun, and shoot the crap out of Dad’s big screen TV. Because Dad taught him that was okay to do.

In a more serious scenario, what if someone at school angered him? He could take that gun to school and shoot for some kid’s backpack or laptop or whatever. But because he’s not mentally and physically equipped to handle a weapon, he misses. He shoots the kid who has angered him. What if he doesn’t stop there? What if he loses his temper, and his entire English class is peppered in bullets? BOOM. Within minutes, several lives are destroyed forever. And we all know the police won’t shoot his laptop and send him to his room for what he’s done.

I am fully aware that the Second Amendment in the Constitution is the Right to Bear Arms. I’m not saying this guy had no right to HAVE a gun. (Well, BEFORE he shot the crap out of his daughter’s laptop. Now, he should probably have all his weapons confiscated and be forced to use a plastic butter knife for his steak, but that’s just my opinion…)

It’s not about the RIGHT to have a gun, it’s about PARENTING, not threatening. It’s about teaching your kids about gun safety, about how it’s NOT okay to use guns as punishment, or when you’re angry! It’s about being a MATURE and RESPONSIBLE adult who handles difficult situations appropriately.

This guy had a multitude of choices on how to punish his daughter, which he had every right to do. He could have simply locked the laptop away. More severely, he could have sold the laptop and donated the money to charity, or hell, use it to catch up on bills, no judgement there.

He wanted to teach his daughter a lesson, I get that. Instead of just teaching his daughter a lesson, the video went viral, and he’s taught so many impressionable young kids that weapons are for punishment, and it’s okay. That’s the scary part, folks. It wasn’t just HIS CHILDREN he taught this lesson to.

Just because you have the RIGHT to something, doesn’t mean you are excused from treating that right responsibly, maturely, and reasonably. And last time I checked, there is no “Right to be an Idiot” in our Constitution.

Someone shut this guy up…


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