Dancing to the Beat of Your Own Drum

As many Julien-K fans were, I was blind-sided by Elias’ decision to leave the band. His reasoning was fair an understandable, and I am so happy for him and his family, and wish him nothing but the best. But it left many of us wondering “Who will take his place?”. Elias is one-in-a-million. He fit so well with Julien-K, I couldn’t imagine anyone else stepping in.

A few days later, the band announced Frank Zummo as their new drummer. Having never heard the name, I did a little research (i.e. asked my girls who the hell he was) and discovered he was a drummer in a group called Street Drum Corps. My friends had seen them play, and insisted they were awesome.

Saturday night, I had the pleasure to experience Street Drum Corps live in Hollywood at Bar Sinister.

Ho.Ly.Shit. What I saw on Saturday was unexpected awesomeness, and I was blown away. The only way I can think to describe SDC is it is a complicated recipe of so many factors that sound weird and bizarre but marry perfectly and uniquely.

Start off with Stomp. Add Blue Man Group (minus blue people though!). Throw in street performers, electronic, rock and pop music, costumes, and some power tools. Pour in awesome video presentations (not powerpoint crap!). Sprinkle with recycled trash. Shove on stage for 2 hours, and you have the perfect SDC experience.

Comprised of Adam and Bobby Alt as well as Frank Zummo, these guys take everything they do, and turn up the creativity factor to 11. These guys are NOT some average “edgy” Stomp-esque knock-off. What SDC does onstage is so unique, and so energizing. They push the envelope to what music is, and tie it all together with drums that are just so… primal. Watching them live is like watching the creative thinking process in action.

You all should DEFINITELY check Street Drum Corps out. Which you can do here: Street Drum Corps

And as for you, Mr. Frank Zummo… my boys made a wise decision, welcome to Julien-K.

Okay, I’ll shut up, stop reading, and go check out Street Drum Corps!

What I’m Listening To: “Knock Me Out” Street Drum Corps

What I’m Reading: “Mile 81” by Stephen King


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