Yes, you are here with me. Always.

Now that I’ve had time to recover from Saturday night, and fight off the plague that hit me on Monday morning, I’m ready to sit down and put my thoughts into words on the new Julien-K album “We’re Here With You”!

On release day (January 23rd, 2012), we watched it climb up the Electronic Albums chart on iTunes, and it peaked at #2!!! And listening to this album over and over again, I can’t quite figure out why it didn’t hit #1. It’s a truly amazing album. (Click the song title to preview songs on amazon.com, and to buy them a la carte. Links to purchase the album can be found at the bottom.)

1- We’re Here With You ~ I LOVE the guitars on this track, it’s got a raw, honest tone that I wasn’t expecting. The beat gets you from second one, and I can’t stop moving when this song is on. It’s not a dance-y track, but definitely one you can groove to. The lyrics are amazing; vague without too much mystery. Makes me feel like this song was written about me, and I’m sure others can find that connection to this track. 5/5

2- Surrounded By Cowards ~ This was the track I was the most excited for. Hearing the snippets while they were recording it, I had pegged this as an early fave. The guys did NOT disappoint. While I’m not SUPER excited about the high notes Ryan’s hitting in this track, it doesn’t ruin the song, or take away from it at all. The beat (and hook!) is absolutely addictive and catchy. Definitely a “stuck-in-your-head-all-day” song. 5/5

3- Cruel Daze Of Summer ~ Another highly anticipated track that was worth all the hype. The melody on this song is just so… DEEP and resonating, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Great beat that flows well throughout, hooks you early and keeps you going, however the song runs a WEE bit longer than it probably should. This song is electronic music at it’s finest! 5/5

4- Breakfast in Berlin- Free Download! ~ This is the first single off of “We’re Here With You”. I have to say, NOT my favorite track. The beat is gritty and dirty (in a good way), but the vocals just don’t… click with me. And all the “ah ah”‘s. Too many “ah ah”‘s. Good song, just not great, and not in my top 10. 3/5 (Authors Note: The free download is from the band themselves, so say thank you!)

5- Palm Springs Reset ~ Another favorite off the album. My personal favorites are always the ones that are raw emotion with a great beat. This track is really what these guys do best, if you ask me. The drum track on this is really strong and the lyrics are so pretty. Ryan’s vocals are so soothing and it’s the perfect “chill out” song, almost… cleansing. Very Depeche Mode-esque! 5/5

6- Colorcast ~ Pure electro heaven! I love the beat and the overall feel of this song. The vocals are a bit… higher than I like, but it DOES suit the song well. This is a perfect club/dance song. In fact, I’m dancing a little right now as I write this as I listen along. 4/5

7- Close Continuance ~ Definitely the darker tune on the record, and NOT a favorite of mine. The beat is good, I just dislike the vocals, too “talky” for my liking in the beginning. Once we get into the hook, I’m down to listen, but still a little too high for me. I’ll most likely skip over this one when I’m listening to the whole album. 2/5

8- Nights Of Future Past ~ This track makes up for “Close Continuance”! It’s a darker, deeper song, and I love the way it was put together. Ryan’s vocals are super smooth, and the melody gets me. I LOVE the hook on this song! This song reminds me of Orgy… amplified by 10, with more awesome on top… if any of that makes sense. 5/5

9- Flashpoint Riot ~ I didn’t THINK I would like this song, but I was surprised when I heard it all the way through. I do like this song. Heavy guitars, saturated with electro beats, the perfect fusion of rock and electronica. This is the song that proves the guys know what they are doing, and they know how to pave the way. The vocals are a little too… processed for me, but it suits the song well. Another great club/dance song, and I can see this being played live at a club like Voyeur in San Diego (hint! hint! LED Wall! Hint!). 4/5

10- I’ll Try Not To Destroy You ~ Another song I was really anticipating. While I don’t typically like Ryan’s high notes, this song is the exception. Love love love the beat, the flow, and the melody in this song. This song is pure seduction, beginning to end. Easily my favorite track on the entire album, and I pegged it as a favorite as soon as I heard the whole CD. The vocals in this track are absolutely FLAWLESS, and all the elements they used to compose it, fit like a puzzle. Everything marries so well here, if a song can be absolute perfection, this is the one. 5/5

I had such high hopes for this album, being such a long time fan. And with 100% honesty, this album does not disappoint at all. The evolution of this band is so organic and smooth. An overall lighter tone than Death to Analog, it really suits the band, and it suits me just fine. I LOVE the guitars used throughout the whole album, and the way they’re soaked with the electro elements, sounds like it SHOULDN’T work, but it does. All in all, job well done. Now get to work on #3! 🙂

Click the image below to buy the album, which I HIGHLY suggest you do!


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