Always Use Protection

I know I’ve mentioned on here before that I am a BuzzAgent for BuzzAgent.com, a website that connects companies with consumers to get honest opinions, and launch word-of-mouth campaigns.

As an Agent, I recently received a free one-year subscription to Trend Micro Titanium. Considering I was in the market for a good anit-virus software, this came at the perfect time. My awesome hook-up included coverage for 3 different computers, too. Great bonus!

The features on this software are really amazing. First of all, the installation is smooth sailing. It will automatically detect old anti-virus software, and then uninstall it if prompted. Something my previous anti-virus didn’t do. And installing it on a second and third computer? NOT the hassle I was expecting. It was honestly really easy!

This software runs on half the memory and disk space as other anti-virus software, so really, you set it up and forget it. No more waiting for your software to load while sludging your computer up. It’s fabulous!

Social Network security is another awesome feature. Non-intrusive, it simply highlights each link it detects on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and tons of other websites. Green for Good, Red for No Bueno, and Gray if it can’t really tell. It’s not distracting or annoying, and really helps you pick out the good links from the bad quickly and easily. My GRANDMA could tell what a bad link is, and she still calls the computer a microwave…

SmartPhone Protection- who the hell thought of this?! I never thought about getting a virus on a smartphone! But, apparently it can happen, and Trend Micro has you covered. While I don’t have a smartphone, I did offer it to my friend. Unfortunately, they did not offer protecting for his system, which is about the only complaint I have. They don’t offer service for ALL smart phones, but they do have a good sized list.

As far as file protection goes, Trend Micro offers a way to lock up, even erase, all files if your device or computer ever gets stolen or hacked. It’s super simple too, all you have to do is go on the website, log-in, and BAM! No one will find those embarassing pictures of you knee deep in a bucket of tequila wearing a sombrero. What? Just me? Oh…

Moving on, the quick scan for your computer is great, and the full scan is even more awesome. Again, it doesn’t sludge up the computer, making it crawl for 6 hours while it scans. I did a full scan on both my computers, and each were done relatively quick!

Honestly, Trend Micro is so packed full of features, I haven’t had the time to play with all the bells and whistles it comes with. However, I can truly say I love this software! I know that come next August, I’ll be renewing my subscription.

Interested in getting a copy of your own? I’ve got an awesome hook-up for you!

Compliments of BizzAgent.com, I’ve got 2 ways for you to save!

1- Head on over to Trend Micro and enter the code ” BZZ30 ” for a discount or…

2- Print out This Coupon for $30 off at Best Buy!

Let me know how you guys like it!


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