You’re Not On Sesame Street Anymore…


When you see that word, you may think of a multitude of different things. What you probably DON’T think of is Gary Coleman, puppet sex, porn, racism, and songs about potentially gay men. If you DO think of any of those things, you’re either a VERY sick individual… or you’ve seen Avenue Q. It’s a fine line.

Avenue Q is a highly politically incorrect 2+ hours of off-broadway musical awesomess.

I had the pleasure of getting tickets at a RIDICULOUSLY discounted price on Black Friday last year. In fact, it was the ONLY sale I participated in. Knowing my younger sisters were IN LOVE with all the YouTube clips, I snagged 3 tickets, and we made plans to go.

The show was on Sunday, and I seriously don’t think my sisters and I have ever laughed so hard in our lives. We were in stitches within the first half hour of the show, and we didn’t stop laughing well until the next day. This is truely entertainment at it’s finest.

For over 2 hours, you can unclench your ass, and make fun of the world without feeling guilty. What the hell am I talking about? You try not to laugh when listening to a puppet named Nicky (who ends up homeless) sing a song called “If You Were Gay!” to his best friend and roommate, Rod, the investment banker. No, really, try it. I also dare you to try NOT to get it stuck in your head. I’ve deemed this impossible.

You can’t help but crack up when Christmas Eve speaks in her overly-exaggerated asian broken english. Or when Lucy the Slut comes “sauntering” on stage (can puppets saunter?). Or when Kate Monster speaks with her employer, Mrs. Thistletwat. Yes, Thistletwat. You’re laughing already, aren’t you? I could go on and on, but really, the YouTube clips speak for themselves. Guaranteed entertainment.

Check those clips out here, and don’t forget to check the Avenue Q website to see when (or if) they’ll be coming near you!

Don’t forget, check out Avenue Q.com for more info!

I’ll shut up now.


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