I Speak No Japanese…

I don’t believe anyone in this world is unaware of the devistating tragedy that hit Japan earlier this month.

The ground shook, and not only buildings were damaged, but lives, families.

 The tsunami was massive and unforgiving, and not only farmlands were washed away, but the hard work and dedication of the no doubt calloused hands that worked the soil year after year.

Right now, as I type, tears are forming and stinging my eyes, even weeks after the devestation. It pains my heart that anywhere in this big great world would have to succomb to this.

In multiple interviews with survivors and former Japan residents, most told their interviewer “We knew this was coming. We’ve always been told to be wary of ‘the big one’.” This is what kills me the most. They were prepared.

They put months and months of engineering and thought in each building they constructed to make them “quake proof”. They spent hours upon hours or preparing their residents, teaching their children how to react, how to survive. They were prepared, and they still could not escape from wreckage.

Maybe I should have posted this weeks ago, immediately following the tragedy. But, in all honesty, I think now is the time. People who were unaffected are back to their normal routine, and this horrible event is far from their minds. Right where it should not be.

Let us not forget that in this great big world, people are all the same. We are all human. And it is our duty as humans to help others when they are in peril.

Help Japan today. Donate. Click any of the links below to find out how YOU can help Japan by donating, time, money, or even buying Relief-related products. This is a short list of places to donate, choose whatever you are comfortable with, whether it is listed here or not. It doesn’t matter where you learn about the efforts, all that matters is effort is given. Be a human.

American Red Cross  
Also, Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 instantly.

Music For Relief

Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Bracelet Even Monsters can be Human.

#SINGItForJapan by My Chemical Romance

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