On my last post, I mentioned my new journal, Listography. That night, I did my first list which was about pets. I had no problems coming up with my long list of feline, canine, and yes, even… fish friends from my past. What I didn’t realize is that listing these guys brought back some great memories, and scary ones as well.

Like, remembering Blue, my dog, who got hit by a car the day before I started the 6th grade. Which, was the same dog who literally ATE MY HOMEWORK in the 5th. (We even brought the remains to the teacher to prove I wasn’t lying!)

And Swifty the gerbil, who I loved SOOOO dearly, I didn’t realize for a month that he had passed away and my step-dad had even gotten rid of the cage. Oops.

And the 4 teddy bear hamsters I got, that multiplied into 4,000!! My step-father wouldn’t give any of them away, so we had tote bins for cages lining an entire wall. I wanted nothing to do with those creepy little vermine once I realized the reproduction rate. Rabbits ain’t got nothin’ on those bad-boys.

And we can’t forget the best impulse purchase ever, Fido Nemonius the Gold Trash Gutter Fish. You know you wish you thought of that first.

Looking back at my list, I see all those familiar names. But the pet that tops my list has a very special story attached to it, and (s)he was the first pet I remember.

When I was around 4 or 5 years old, my Uncle Steve brought me home a kitten. For whole MINUTES I wracked my brain for a name for the adorable little wonder. Finally, it came to me. Dogfood. Yes, I named my kitten Dogfood. I was just learning the circle of life (waaaay before Disney made a nifty little song about it, mind you), and I was intent on calling a spade a spade.

With an awesome new name, I ran outside with my new little bundle of fur to show off to my friends and neighbors. Just as I stepped onto our back porch, a thunderous bark starts up, and second by second it keeps getting louder and louder. All of a sudden, our neighbors massive (to my kindergartener self at least) German Shepard came barrel-assing around the corner, lept at me and my new precious kitten, and bit it’s head clean off. Seriously.

I was covered in blood, the hallway and porch were covered in blood, and I vaguely remember standing there, not crying, not yelling, but utterly stunned. My uncle got me all cleaned up, buried what was left of poor Dogfood, and sorted everything out with the neighbor, who couldn’t have been more apologetic as I’m told.

The next day, the same neighbor came to the door with a little basket and handed it to me. Inside was a brand new baby kitten for me. I named her Alice. You know, JUST to be safe. I don’t really remember Alice, in fact, I think she became my uncles cat, but I will never forget Dogfood.

Now that I’ve relived that horrible (and yes, humorous, suck it) memory, it’s on to my next list. Tonight’s list is asking me to list my closest friends. I’m starting to think that these lists are SUPPOSED to help me revisit all these memories, and I have to say, I like it.

So, faithful reader(s? too hopeful?), who are some of YOUR closest friends, and why?

I’ll shut up so you can talk (post?)


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