Lists, lists, lists

I’ve found myself in a deep funk after returning from vacation in Southern California to ring in the new year. Why? Because my heart belongs there, not here, that’s why. This funk has got me evaluating and re-evaluating my life, taking inventory of feelings, and I’m trying to decide what to discontinue and what is my biggest seller.

While I was in So Cal, I stumbled across Listography Journal: Your Life in Lists at a store in Costa Mesa down at the L.A.B. I picked it up, perused it, and wanted it. Being on vacation, I didn’t want to snag the book, should I need money to travel home. With a sigh, I put it down and headed out of the store.

Since that day, I have no been able to forget about this book. This was PERFECT for me! I am constantly making lists, and it’s the easiest way to get my ADHD mind to focus. Knowing full well I needed to do something therepudic, for myself, I went on the hunt and found this book at a great price on Amazon! (At the original store I saw the book in, cover price was around $17.00). I had to have it, and snagged a second book along with it, but that book is another blog.

Listography, as I said, was my journal match made in heaven. It is an incredibly unique and organized way to write yourself an autobiography. One of the things I need to do most is just organize the thoughts and memories in my head, sift out the good things, and dump all the bad. I have all the faith in the world that this book will help me accomplish just that.

The book arrived today, and I made myself a promise. Once a week, I will fill out a list. If it takes me all week to finish it, fine. But I will start on a new list each week. And because I am OCD, I will do it in order! I am still unsure as to what these lists may drag out of me, but I hope to have you guys participate in this with me.

The first list in the book is simple. List the Pets You’ve Had and Their Names. Easy, not too bad, right?

So, what are your favorite pets you’ve had in your life? Share yours and I’ll share mine 🙂

I’lm gonna shut up and write in my book.


1 Response to “Lists, lists, lists”

  1. 1 draydrax
    January 11, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    let’s see…

    growing up i had phoebe and zulu (kitties) and jasper and harley (dogs)
    then we got tia and biggs (cats, eventually brought biggs back to the pound – was *not* housebroken to say the least) and edgar – a retired racing greyhound. also had an iguana some neighbours found (yes, found – in PA in cold weather!) – named ignatius godzilla ader.
    mom still has tia but she wants to get a little yappy dog (why for, i don’t know).

    then – i got kitty kitty (himalayan), luna (stray), voodoo (fatass), selene and eos (sister strays). as you know i still have voodoo and selene 🙂

    also in our family has been random strays, abandoned animals, squirrels, rabbits, birds fallen out of nests, you name it.

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