I Am the New Dolly Parton

No, I didn’t get quadruple X breast implants, or have my face spackled or anything like that. Instead of reincarnating Barbie through plastic surgery, I get to sing “9 to 5” in the shower every morning. Obnoxiously. Yesssssss.

That’s right, Internet. Pixie got herself a job.

I started March 28th, but didn’t want to blog just yet in case I hated it. I do not hate my job. In fact, I love it. While my hours may not be “9-5” everyday, I still get to sing the song. Shush.

“But, Pixie, what is it that you do?” Good question, Internet. I am a “Customer Service Specialist” for a Bridal Accessory Wholesale Supplier. That title just sounds… shiny! And the job IS kind of shiny… well, the workplace is at least.

Going back to work is a big step forward for me, and I welcomed it with open arms. However, it’s been a BIG change for my schedule. You know, the go to bed at 4am, wake up at 2pm, do nothing all day. Wash, rinse, repeat. The new adjustment to my schedule THREW me off my diet and excersize plan the first week.

This week is a new week though, and I threw myself right back into my routine towards my goals. I don’t have any updates (I skipped them), but rest assured, May 1st will be nothing but good news!

Lets hope this year keeps looking up for me!

I’m not gonna shut up, I’ve got a Dolly Parton song to sing.


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