Thank You For Being A Friend

Although I love the Golden Girls, that’s not what this post is about. This post is about one of the best friends anyone could ask for, Laura.

In't she puuuurdy?

Like all good things in life, Laura and I became friends purely on accident. Neither of us can remember who IM’ed who first, or what we talked about, but we know we did. And from that day in 2005, it’s a rare occasion that we miss a day talking to each other. Even if it’s for 10 minutes, Laura and I find time every day to chat.

Laura is one of the best people that the Julien-K Message Board has brought to my life. And she’s one of the reasons I owe my life to those guys.

When I was at a scary point in my life, Laura felt a whole different kind of fear.  There were times when I was more worried about her, than I was for myself. Travelling to the other side of the spectrum, when one of us is happy, the other is overwhelmed with happiness for them.

When I think back about our friendship and memories, it’s hard to believe we never saw each other in the flesh until the Winter of 2008. Laura flew out to see me, and even though it wasn’t the best of vacations for her, it’s something I don’t think either of us took lightly.

When Laura stepped onto Massachusetts soil, I felt like a part of me was complete. For the first time ever, I could hug my best friend. The girl who has been there for me through EVERYTHING. The woman who gives me support, and hope, and yes, love.

Even though we are seperated by hundreds of miles, she’s apart of my life every single day. And today, March 26, it is her birthday.

So, Laura, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And thanks for everything. May this year be full of happiness, success, prosperity, and love. You deserve it all. And all this talk makes me want Easy Mac really bad…

I’ll shut up.


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