Here We Go Again

I know that American Idol is quite a few episodes into the season, but now is a good a time as any to tell you how bad of a love affair I have with this show. Every year, I watch. Religiously. This is one of the several shows that are like crack to me. I know I’m one of millions, but this show has me effin’ hooked!

Last year, I was heartbroken, when all 3 of my top favorites were in the top 3. Have to admit, I was pissed when my Glambert lost (even though his new album blows…).

This year, I figured since I’ve got my faithful blog here, I’d discuss my early fav’s with you, Internet. Aren’t you excited?! Calm yourself, it’s gonna happen!

I have to say, even though the contestants aren’t WOWing me this year, I do tend to favor a few people. So here are my top 6 picks:

1. Andrew Garcia- He is my FAVORITE guy right now. His version of “Straight Up” during Hollywood week? OMG, LOVE IT!! I hope he goes so far!

2. Todrick Hall – I fell in love with him during his audition. For some reason, this boy just does it for me.

3. Lee Dewyze – I dunno what this guy does for me, but he does it. Love him!

1. Crystal Bowersox – This girl is just so cool. She’s got a great voice, and is just… so calm and chill. Love her!

2. Haeley Vaughn – Haeley has SUCH an infectious smile! So bubbly, so cute! I hope she goes far!

3. Lily Scott – I love her image and her voice, she’s definitely got a vote from me!

I like a lot of the other contestants, but those 6 just do it for me. What are your favs? If you tell me, I’ll shut up!


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