Music Can Heal

Hurricane Katrina. Haiti Earthquakes. Wildfires in California. South Asia Tsunami’s. We’ve watched them sweep through, leaving destruction, heartbreak, and devastation behind.

Many of us were touched by these events, and pitched in to bring these communities back together. But once the media coverage slows to a stop, people forget. People move on, go back to their lives, while those effected by these disasters still live with all the aftermath.

Music for Relief is an organization that will never forget. Established in 2005 to help bring relief to the victims of the South Asia Tsunami’s, the members of Linkin Park put forward a movement to make this earth a better place. Hand in hand, together as humans, we could get together, and slowly we can accomplish great things.

Their premise is easy to understand. If they were each to donate, and get their close friends in the music business, to make a donation, and have those friends continue the chain, pretty soon they’d be making a huge difference in the relief effort.

Since 2005, it has gone far beyond just relief effort in those area’s affected by disaster. They’ve since branched out to helping the world reduce their carbon footprint.. Not because it’s “trendy”, but because it’s best for the world on which we stand.


  • Music for Relief has raised over $3,000,000 in donations.
  • They’ve helped establish environmental programs to help artists and fans reduce their carbon footprint and educate others about how climate change impacts weather related disasters.
  • Over 95% of funds raised in 2008 went directly to disaster relief and environmental programs.
  • 810,000 trees have been planted to sequester more than 270,000 tons of CO2.
  • MFR has aided the victims of Hati, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Hannah, Ike & Gustav. Also, Southern California Wildfires, Australian wildfires, and Cyclones Nargisin Burma, Sidr & Ailain Bangladesh have also received aid.

Music For Relief is, if anything, a very active organization. They are constantly coming up with easy, interesting, and effective ways to help other than through direct monetary donations.

Currently, they have an album available for download with donation to help the Haitian community recover from the devastating earthquakes. To download the album and donate, click here .

Also, to help year round, bit by bit, you can sign up and use the Music For Relief Search Engine. I personally use this, and you can earn prizes while helping MFR! No download necessary, either. Just sign up for free. Click the picture for more info.
Search & Win

These are only SOME of the ways you can help. Please visit Musicforrelief.org for more information and to help this wonderful organization.

Search & Win


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