Thumbs Down

I’m a raver. No, I don’t put pigtails in my hair, resemble rainbow bright, and wear pants that I could smuggle a kangaroo in with the legroom left over… anymore. (It was a phase, one which, thankfully, there is little to no photographic proof. Phew.) What I mean is, when I love something, I REALLY love it, and I’ll tell everyone I can about it.

But, Internet, life isn’t always puppies, rainbows, and pigtails. I don’t love everything. So, to switch up Tunes for Tuesday this week, these are my Top 5 Most Disappointing Albums I’ve bought/listened to.

5- Dark Horse by Nickelback – Yes, people, I like Nickelback. Usually, their songs are in a constant rotation for me. However, only a select few of the songs off this latest album hooked me. One of a few that I passed on.

4- Minutes to Midnight by Linkin Park – Admitedly, this album isn’t all THAT bad. But it’s a lot… wussier then I like my LP. I’m not a die hard fan, so this may be why M2M was a bit of a disappointment.

3- It Won’t Be Soon Before Long by Maroon 5– This album is probably the reason a lot of people have forgotten about Maroon 5. Their first album, Songs About Jane, rocked my world and was in my CD player constantly. The second album… after sampling songs, I didn’t even bother buying. It’s a shame, because Adam Lavigne has such a unique voice.

2- One of the Boys by Katy Perry – Just like everyone else not living under a rock, I fell in love with Miss Perry with “I Kissed a Girl”. “Hot n Cold” was another song that hooked me. The rest of her album? Forgettable. Regrettable. A big let down. **sigh**

1- For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert – I was a total Glambert fan when he was on American Idol. In fact, I was about to revolt when he lost. He’ s fabulous, he’s hot, he’s talented. His album also bites. The first single, I loved. The rest, I can dig some of the songs, but they are barely tolerable. Sorry, Adam!

Tell me what music you regret buying, and I might just shut up.

P.S. I now have a page for my workout playlists. Check it out up at the top under “Music Mix Up”!


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