Open and Honest

Today, I asked those following me on twitter, and my Facebook friends to ask me anything for today’s Meme Monday. I got some pretty good questions, mostly messaged to me, and posted 10 of them here, with their respective answers. Enjoy!

1) A knock at door. You open it. Rynsk (Ryan from Julien-K) standing there. He has 2hrs to kill. What next, realistically, not fantasy 😉

– Hmmm. We all know what the fantasy would be, haha! Realistically, however, I’d probably freak out on the inside while trying to keep it cool on the outside. Eventually, I’d invite him in, probably cook him something to eat, and just catch up as we haven’t seen each other in a while. Then, cue the sweaty pig sex. (Okay, that’s not realistic. We’d have sex first, then I’d feed him, duh) (Fine, that’s not realistic either, ruin my fun why don’t you!)

2) What is your biggest fear?

– Well, I have a few, actually. My BIGGEST fear, has to be being forgotten. I am seriously petrified of dying, and no one caring, and no one remembering me. I know it seems silly, but it’s something I’ve ALWAYS been afraid of. A close second is pigeons. No, really. Pigeons.

3) Who is your celebrity crush?

– You don’t know me well, do you? Do you know me at all? Hi, I’m Pixie! (P.S. The answer is Ryan Shuck)

4) If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

– I just KNEW this question would come up, it always does. I would first of all, pay off my debt. Then, buy a home in Southern California. Then, with whatever was left, I would open my own new/used bookstore.

5) Sex or Music?

– Um… can’t I have both? I’m greedy like that. So, both. Simultaneously.

6) What got you into Ryan Shuck so much..other then his looks?

– Honestly, I admire the man. He’s overcome so much. And I find that this is one of his most attractive qualities. He’s also very intelligent, extremely talented, and very sweet. I just find him to be a complicated mix of sexy, smart, cool, bad, and good. The abs don’t hurt, either. Or the eyes…. or the smile. Oh boy, I should stop now.

7) If you could eat ONE THING for the rest of your life, and still be healthy, what would it be?

– Ugh. I love SO many things!! I’d have to say pasta though. I’ve always been a carb-o-vore. Mmmm, caaarbs. And with pasta, you can do so much!

8 ) What song is stuck in your head RIGHT NOW!

– Rude Boy by Rihanna

9) What movie could you watch a thousand times and not get sick of?

– I have what I call compulsive obsessions. No, not OCD. I will fall in love with something, watch/listen/indulge in said something over and over and over again, until something replaces it. That makes it really hard for me to answer this question! However, something that I’ve already watched a million times and I’m STILL not sick of it is Trans Global Spectacle, Orgy’s DVD. SO. FUNNY. That DVD has inspired SO many inside jokes between my friends and I.

10) What is something you have always wanted, but don’t see yourself ever having?

– Ooo, deeeep man. Surprisingly enough, I have always imagined myself to be a housewife, and a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, I don’t ever see this happening in my life. It makes me sad, but I’m sure I’ll make the best of life and find something that makes me happy.


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