Obligitory New Years Post Horrah! Pt.3

With a little more than 30 minutes left of 2009, it’s time for me to conclude my triple blog promise for the day.

In the last post, I touched on my resolutions for 2010, and I mentioned one of those resolutions being to keep this blog active.

In order to do that, quite a few things need to happen, and a few small changes will be made, some of them you can already see.

As for the changes you can already see, I changed the layout and colors of the site. I felt this fit my personality better, and I like it a lot more. I’m sure you’ve also noticed the new header. My sister, Julia, made that for me, and I really love it. Much better than the crap-tastic one I made myself.

I’m going to keep the Daily Blurbs, but I’ve changed some of them. Monday’s are still Meme Mondays and Tuesdays are still Tunes for Tuesdays. Wednesday will now be Awareness Wednesdays, where I will talk about charities, causes, and things of that nature. I’ve moved Words of Wisdom Wednesdays to Quotable Thursdays. Friday’s will now boast interesting pictures to make Photo Friday, and the Dumb News of the Week will now be featured on Saturdays. And of course, you’ll still get my Book Worm Sunday’s.

Why the change? Honestly, some of them were lame. Like Top 10 Thursdays? Yeah, sounded cute at 3 am when I thought of it.

I’ll be doing more product reviews, and you’ll see the first one coming within the next month, and I’ll explain more about that when it happens. I’ll also be blogging about the progress I make on my resolutions as well. And you know you haven’t heard the last about Julien-K out of my mouth!

And the biggest change of all, will definitely be the activity on the site. I will be posting more often, other than the Daily Blurbs.

With 14 minutes left in 2009, I wish you the best of luck in the New Year, and I thank you for reading my blog. I hope to get a lot more readers, and be able to make friends through this blog. Have a safe and happy new year!

And now, I’ll shut up… but not for long.


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