Dead By Sunrise- Out of Ashes

Today’s Tunes for Tuesday band is…. Dead By Sunrise. Yaaaay **insert applause**

Oh look, I just happen to have a picture handy

Oh look, I just happen to have a picture handy

Ooo fancy!

Ooo fancy!

I PROMISE you, even though it LOOKS like my boys in Julien-K , it’s really not! Well, okay, Julien-K IS in the band… but it’s not JK! It’s Dead By Sunrise!

For those Linkin Park fans out there, you all know Chester has been working on his solo project, once known as Chester Bennington, then known as Snow White Tan, and now officially Dead By Sunrise. Well, the fruits of his labor are finally paying off, as October 13th, 2009 we will be graced with the first release from Dead By Sunrise, Out Of Ashes (Available for pre-order on iTunes now!)

While I’ve only been privileged enough to hear snippets of most songs, some live recordings, and one or 2 full length studio versions, I can honestly say I’m already loving this album.

One thing Linkin Park fans (and Julien-K fans) were worried about is that Dead By Sunrise was just going to be more LP tunes with a different band playing them. That is definitely NOT the case! Of course, right off the bat, you KNOW Chester Bennington’s voice, and his melodic, hardcore pipes give this album it’s backbone, these are unique, deep, personal, and vivid, five-star tracks.

One of the most amazing voices of our generation, Chester’s attention-grabbing vocals pull you in to the core of the song and refuse to let you go. Rounding out the new material for Bennington, you have the guys of Julien-K and a special “secret weapon”, Fu Valcic. Once again, core fans waited on baited breath to hear if DBS was Julien-K all over again, and I for one was happily surprised. It’s been said that this album organically came to be while Chester was helping Julien-K with Death To Analog, and I can definitely hear that in the music. If Chester’s voice hasn’t nailed you to the wall, the music will.

Today, on twitter, Chester gave out a FREE song from the album “My Suffering”. It can be downloaded Here

If you pre-ordered the album on iTunes, you  immediately received “Fire”, another song off the album.

Out of Ashes is in store October 13th NOW!, so make sure you snatch up your copy here: Out of Ashes!!

Visit Dead By Sunrise’s official MySpace page: Here

See! That was harmless! Alright, alright… I’ll shut up.


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