Cynergy 67

Keeping up with the Daily Blurb, Tuesday will now be known as… Tunes for Tuesday! (Original, right! RIGHT?!)

If you’re clueless so far… allow me to elaborate. Every Tuesday, I’ll post about a new band I’m digging, a new song that I annoy everyone around me within a 10 foot radius by singing or playing repeatedly, or maybe even a band I’ve been crushin’ on for awhile. Either way, they get free promo, you get edumicated, and I’m off the hook for blogging. Win-Win-Win, people, Win-Win-Win.

Today, I bring you….

These Wisconsinite boys have been on the scene for quite some time, and to be honest, hold a cozy little spot in my heart.

These guys deliver nothing but pure pulsating sounds that overload your senses and leave you feeling thoroughly rocked-the-fuck-out. Sensual, sexual, raw, electronic, invasive, inviting. There are way too many words to describe the tunes these guys are constantly pumping out. Not only that, but behind the masks, below the mystery, there are really just a bunch of really awesome and talented dudes.

And with their new album, Project: Assimilation out now, it’s the PERFECT time to check these guys out!

Get more info on Cynergy 67 Here on Myspace

Check out their twitter Here and be sure to follow them!

Be sure to check out their new album, and all sorts of other ear-gasmic goodies Here on FiXT

Anyone else a Cynergy 67 fan? Leave me a comment showin’ the love!

Alright, I’m gonna shut up now!


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