This is my soapbox

This post needed to be made. It was important for me to write it, to let all of this out. I deliberated carefully as to where to put it. The person whom this is intended for may never see it, but I hope they do.

To You Know Who You Are:

Once upon a time, you were my friend. I trusted you, I held you dear to my heart. The same heart you consistently lied to, the same heart you’ve broken. The heart that once supported and defended you, you’ve turned against and hurt me by breaking it.

I have to give you credit, you are a damn good liar. You had me fooled. You had several people fooled. But alas, you are nothing more than a fraud. Sadly, I learned to late.

Today, I was told of a nasty, vicious, and malicious rumor that you’ve started, and spread. You’re accusing me of something so horrid and unbelievable. You’re telling people that I am doing something so low, and so inhumane. Something you yourself would do. Sorry, “sis”, that’s not me. I am not you.

Your delusions sicken many, including myself. Your obsessions are mind-numbing and tiring. Your constant attacks on me are sad and pathetic. And today, you crossed the line.

Today, you have angered me. You’ve hurt me deeply. And you’ve hurt the people I care about most. You are not wanted where you claim to be invited. You are not welcome where you claim to be among friends. You are a horrible person for the things you’ve said, for the things you’ve done.


One day, you will get what is coming to you. Maybe I’ll be the one to hand it to you, maybe not, but you’ll get it.


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