Why I Hate Ticketmaster

As I promised in my last blog about Julien-K going on tour (P.S. They’re STILL going on tour, so Click here to check out the tour dates and get ticket info …. after you’re done reading this of course) I’m blogging about TicketWhore. I mean, TicketSUCKMY- oh boy, I’m getting carried away already.

First of all, the cost of using Ticket- (I’ll stop myself there) this particular ticket vendor.

You have, of course, the price of the ticket for the show you want. This may depend on seating, may not. No big deal, it’s a price we EXPECT to pay.

Then, this vendor tacks on so many RIDICULOUS fee’s! We end up paying $25 for a $15 ticket! Thank god I like club shows or I’d have to take a mortgage out to see Britney Spears’ arena show!

I understand the company has to make money, yes. But how many OTHER ticket vendors are out there that they need to jack up the fee’s THAT HIGH?

And seriously, calling it a CONVENIENCE fee?! I’m sorry, you are a TICKET VENDOR. Your company’s SOLE purpose is to VEND TICKETS TO CONCERT GOERS. How is it INCONVENIENT for you to do YOUR JOB!?

Second of all, I feel this company is WAY too dominant of the industry.

Almost EVERY concert ticket I’ve purchased, I had no options. It was either buy at the door, or use Ti- THEM! And no one wants to buy at the door, because we all have an understandable fear of the show being sold out and you miss out. So we pay the stupid fees and get screwed.

Another strike against them is their recent screw ups. By no means am I a Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana fan. But recently, TicketWhore posted the wrong seating chart for a venue in NY for one of Miley’s concerts. This caused fans to pay ALREADY RIDICULOUS PRICES for crappy seats, when they thought they were buying amazing seats AT RIDICULOUS PRICES WITH RIDICULOUS FEES ATTACHED.

At first, the ticket vendor did NOT opt to refund the fans money for them to buy appropriate seating, all they did was correct the seating chart a few hours later. They’ve since offered refunds to the fans that got screwed, but it took them awhile to offer said refunds. I’m sure this was after they were BOMBARDED with complaints.

They also screwed up Bruce Springsteen ticket sales. SHADY, SHADY, SHADY.

TicketSCAM is one of the reasons I don’t go to shows very often anymore.

Back when I lived in MA, we had a local music store (which FYE bought out) called Strawberries. You could get your tickets there for a $2.00 fee. TWO BUCKS! You paid $2 more to be assured you would get in. THAT’S IT. That’s all it took for Strawberries to make a profit on ticket sales. And a lot of us were glad to pay the $2 so we didn’t have to pay at the door.

TicketSCUMBAG should learn from that. You don’t have to be a monopolizing, scummy, rip-off company to make a profit.

There are so many retail stores that could THRIVE selling concert tickets to local venues, with SMALL fee’s attached for profit. One name that comes to mind is Hot Topic. As much as they sell overpriced scene-clothes, they ARE about the music. Selling tickets to local shows? That would be great for a store like that.

Until then, I guess we’ll have to shell out our hard earned cash to TicketWhore, risk the show being sold out, or not go at all. Those are all the options we have these days, and that makes me sad.

….I’ll shut up now


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