We All Knew I Was Smart…

I don’t know how many people exactly READ this blog, or check it religiously, but I wanted to apologize for my ridiculous absence.

I just recently moved back to Northern Virginia to live with a few friends of mine and hoped to get back on my feet financially and whatnot.

Shortly after I moved, I was out celebrating stuff on a Saturday night and got thoroughly drunk. GASP! Me? Drink? OMG, I know! Shocker, right? **your sarcasm-dar should be going off right about now**

Well, after we had shut down the bar, my friends and I decided to invite a few people over to the house to keep the party going. It had been awhile since I had seen a lot of these old friends, so we were eager to keep celebrating. A few of our friends headed over to the house, which is only a few blocks away.

One of the friends I live with, L, drives a big ass Ford F-150 pickup truck. It’s not uncommon for him to fill the cab of the truck, and toss the extra people in the bed of the truck when we’re driving short distances. I’ve done this a million times before with him, so I thought nothing of climbing into the back on a gorgeous night for the small drive home. The back of the truck was loaded with junk to bring to the dump the next morning, but it was only me in the bed, so it was fine.

Well, this is where it gets interesting, and also pretty much where my memory starts to blur. Being the complete and utter genius that I am, (Hey! stop rolling your eyes at me!) I saw the patio chairs L was bringing to the dump the next day, and I’m assuming I thought to myself ‘Hey! Instead of sitting on the FLOOR of the bed of the truck, I’ll sit in a CHAIR! Great Plan!!’

It’s not clear EXACTLY what happened after that, but the basics of it were, L pulled out of the parking space, and took a left turn in the parking lot to head to McDonalds. That’s when I fell out of the truck, the right side of my face and shoulder hitting the ground. I do not remember falling out of the truck, or sitting down in a chair for that matter, and my friends who were in the truck didn’t see clearly exactly what had happened. They weren’t even aware that I had fallen out, they just heard the chair move and fall out. I would like to add that NO ONE INSIDE THE TRUCK saw me sit down in the patio chair. If they had seen me, they would have most definitely NOT driven off, and would have told me to get my ass off the chair.

After I fell out, my friends called 911 and I don’t remember anything after that, except that I thought the ambulance ride was a bad dream, and I didn’t realize I was hurt or in the hospital until my friend K was rubbing my hand, telling me it was going to be okay.

I ended up staying in the hospital for 5 days, 1 day in the ER and 4 more in the Neuro-Trauma Unit. I fractured my right temperal bone in my skull as well as my ocipital condyle, which is in the back of my head right above the first vertebrae in my spine (this means I was mere centimeters away from breaking my neck). I also hit my right shoulder pretty effin hard, so the muscles are VERY VERY tender and sore and bruised. All in all though, I’m a lucky bitch, as the injuries could have been a million times worse.

I’m stuck in a neck brace for the next 5-7 weeks, but we’re hoping since I’ve breezed through the healing process so much already, I’ll be out of the neck brace sooner, or at least be switched to a smaller brace or even a soft one. I had horrible road rash on the right side of my face which is almost completely healed already, as well as smaller spots of road rash on my elbow and right shoulder, and I surprised all 3 of my physical therapists with the rate in which I improved my mobility. My follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon is on June 18th, so we’ll find out then.

I may post pictures, as my grandmother took some while I was in the ER, Trauma Unit, and today to document my speedy progress so far.

To sum it all up, I’m really going to be just fine. Sleeping and eating is uncomfortable, but I’m getting used to it, and I still have pressure in my sinuses and face from the fractures, but that will dissipate in time. L and K are wonderful people that were there for me every second, and are determined to take good care of me. Honestly, they’re doing a great job so far. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress, as it seems I get better and better every single day.

…..now I’m gonna go shut up.


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