Classic: Satan, can I have my panties back?

Once upon a time, I had a LiveJournal and I actually USED it. I still have the account, but I rarely post, and I use it to keep up with my friends.

As I was scanning through old entries, I realized “Hey, I’m kinda funny sometimes!”

So I figured the entries that weren’t uber personal, I could re-post here for your blog-reading enjoyment.

….I’ll shut up now. ON WITH THE POST!

(originally posted May 3rd, 2008)

Satan, can I have my panties back?

I am convinced my bathroom is a portal to hell. Or at least The Bermuda Triangle.

It’s a TEENY TINY half bath, but everything ever gets lost in there, most recently some brand new undies, a new bra, and my face wash.

Previous items include brand new, never used makeup, my contact lens case, my cosmetic case, nail polishes, my new flat iron, 2 pairs of shoes, numerous shirts, pants, and dude, lets not even get into where the hell all my socks are.

I ALWAYS put my face wash on the back of the sink. Always. It’s habit. It was there at 5am when I let the cat out, then went pee. It was there at 7am when I let the cat it and went pee. It was STILL THERE at 10am when I let the cat BACK out, and went pee. 1:30 pm roll call, and my face wash is not there.

So Satan, since your skin is so soft and clean now, can I have my panties back?


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